5 Benefits of Dental Flossing You Should Know!


We are all aware of how brushing our teeth can benefit the health of our entire mouth, but do you know why dental flossing is important? There are numerous benefits to flossing, which will help in improving your overall dental health and fight gingivitis, if done with perfection, regularly.

Brushing your teeth regularly definitely removes plaque and bacteria. If you are a person using mouthwash instead of regular brushing, Stop It.You don’t remove bad bacteria from your teeth on using Mouthwash and you are more prone to tooth decay. You might realize that your brush can’t reach certain areas of your mouth and to avoid this, you need to use floss. Dental floss can reach the areas between your teeth and beneath your gum, which is inaccessible to your toothbrush.

Flossing isn’t really difficult, but in case you find it uncomfortable to wrap the floss around your fingers and then stuffing your hand in your mouth, you will find numerous easier options available online or at your nearest drugstore. Floss picks things are like little plastic Y-shapes with floss strung between the top and you can use them easily for flossing purpose.

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Dental flossing is a method of interdental cleaning process which helps to make sure that the tight space between each teeth remains clean.It is recommended that dental floss is used at least once in a day for dental hygiene.Many
of you might be unaware of the fact that gum diseases might lead to serious health issues like heart problems, plaque etc. What brushing your teeth does is to clean the outer surface of your teeth, but there will still be bits and particles of food remaining in between your teeth, mostly untouched. The most effective solution to remove food plaque from between your teeth is by Flossing.


Listed are 5 major benefits of dental flossing:

  1. Get rid of Tartar Buildups
  2. Prevents formation of cavity and tooth decay.
  3. Prevents gum diseases.
  4. Reduces bad breath.
  5. Reduces pressure formation on gums.

Happy Flossing!!

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