5 Best Cross-body Bags for Travel

Packing your bags is one of the toughest decision for a traveller or a backpacker.Once you dig your bags out ,you realize that you actually don’t have a decent bag to throw your stuffs into as you stroll around beaches or sightsee the mountains.Why I absolutely love cross body bags is because of their convenient compartments that will help you organize your belongings as well as access them easily.Also crossbody bags are the safest option for a traveller as it is difficult for thieves to cut the strap since the entire bag is in your reach.

I’ve researched and found these six best crossbody bags for your next travel plan,that are fashionable, easy to carry, functional and off course safe:

1.cross body purses                                     The House Of Tara Vintage Canvas Crossbody Travel Office Business Messenger Bag (Moss Green)


2.leather cross body bag

                   Generic Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag Ipad Bag Shoulder Satchel Crossbody Bag Hiking Traveling Bag for Men

travel bags for women

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                                                                                          Caprese Tessy Women’s Sling Bag (Dark Pink)

crossbody bags for travel

                                      The House Of Tara 100% Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag in distress Finish (Desert Strom)

travel bags for men

                               The House of Tara Vintage Travel/ Crossbody/ Weekender/ Overniter/ Gym/ Duffle Bag (Combat Blue)

Things to Consider while Purchasing

Before you select a bag, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do not limit yourself to standard color options like black, beige or blue.Try out various colors and patters.Do remember that lighter colors will look more dirty,so try to stick with darker colors or earth tones.
  • Try to buy a bag with a water bottle holder such that its easier for you to travel.
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