5 Excellent Natural Fat Burners You Should Try Right Now!


Many of you might be expecting some miracle out of this Blog and some of you might even think this is some hoax. Multi billion dollar industries are built on the premise that there is a magical pill or formula which many advertisements term as “fat cutter”. But trust me friends, there is NO magic pill or solution to this.You can actually loose weight with natural food and a healthy lifestyle.In this blog, I will talk specifically about whole foods in supplemental forms.Multiple herbs have been used since ages, which act as excellent natural source to burn fat and boost energy.Do keep in mind that these herbs need to be combined with plenty of sleep,exercise and healthy eating habits.If you are a person more interested in Netflix and junk food and sleep for less than 6 hours, don’t expect miraculous benefits.
If your sleeping habits are bad, your hormones will get exhausted which will result in food cravings and an increase in your appetite. If you are’nt involved in any physical activity, your body will become sluggish and weak.

Listed are 5 magical herbs:


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Matcha helps in boosting your metabolism and helping in weight loss.Matcha comprises of a compound called EGCG [epigallocatechin gallate] which helps in boosting metabolism and reduces the growth of fat cells.Matcha, unlike green tea is a fine powder produced from plants.It is specially grown in shady ideas which lends it a nearly neon hue.Recommended dosage of matcha daily one to three cups but if you are sensitive to caffeine, you need to stop by 2 P.M. such that it won’t interfere with sleep.

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Several trials reported that obese people who received Korean red ginseng experiences reduction in body weight, BMI, waist hip ratio and food cravings. A number of reports have stressed on the various ways by which Korean red ginseng is proven to have anti-obesity effect.

-Ginseng manipulates genes that are involved in fat metabolism.
-Ginseng influences hormones like leptin, insulin etc which are responsible for fat and cholesterol metabolism
-Ginseng extract helps in reducing body fat by stimulating oxidation, improving glucose levels and preventing high blood pressure.

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If you want some weight loss, especially around the mid section in the tummy area,make cinnamon your buddy.Cinnamon helps in suppressing hunger pangs, regulates blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and speeds up the process of metabolism. You can incorporate cinnamon in your daily diet by drinking cinnamon water, adding it to your cup of favorite beverage,juices and even mixing it to your protein shake.

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4.Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper contains an active ingredient called capsaicin. Capsaicin is a thermogenic chemical which can help in decreasing appetite and speeding up the metabolism process.If cayenne pepper is consumed with every meal, the feeling of fullness after a meal will increase and you will have less food cravings.

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It is difficult to believe that cocoa can help in weight loss.Pure cacao contain compounds that can increase the serotonin level. As a result, it induces the brain in believing that you are full and not hungry. Depression is a major cause of weight gain for a number of people.Consuming cocoa makes you feel happy and thus our desire to overeat reduces.Raw cacao is devoid of sugar and hydrogenated oils like in processed chocolate.For weight loss purpose, you need to consume low fat cocoa products.You can add low fat cocoa powder to your food and beverages.

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Try out these 5 Natural fat burners that will actually help you loose weight and share the results.

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