5 Smart Ways To Get Workout Motivation!


Motivation is something majority of us lack. We all know that workout is good for our mind and body, yet we fail to motivate ourselves. Its really difficult to find the drive and work towards it. I took cues from CureJoy and practiced theses few tips to gain motivation and workout everyday.

Check out these 5 clever habits that will motivate you to workout.

Workout Motivation

1.Choose an Activity you love

Exercises need not necessarily mean cardio,weight training,reps and miles. You can choose among a variety of options like kickboxing, zumba, running, dance, jogging etc. Take trials before settling for a final one. You can exercise by checking out videos on YouTube and workout at home, if you don’t have time for gym.Joining classes for activities is always a better option since you meet new people and learn new things.

2. Prepare The Clothes You Wish to Wear During Workout

Getting the clothes you wish to wear during the workout session can make a huge difference. It will inspire you to get moving, at least for a few initial days till it becomes a habit. After the initial motivation, you can pick it up on a daily basis, faster.

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3.Find A Buddy To Workout With

Having a workout partner is sheer fun and adds on to the motivation. Your buddy can be anyone, friend or family member or a co-worker. Your partner will depend on you to show up for a workout. You won’t want to disappoint your friend, hence end up doing it.

Workout Motivation

4. Make Small Goals Instead of Bigger Ones

Break your big goals to smaller resolutions. Do not forget that everything will add up eventually. Smaller goals are easy to achieve and adds on to your motivation. Bigger goal will place a lot of pressure on you. So tart by keeping it simple and realistic.

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Social media is the best place to read about people’s achievement and get motivated. Utilize your free time to read about people’s achievements on various blogs, social media, and magazines. Ask doubts, tips and tricks on message boards.

Do remember, you have to be patient with yourself. Healthy habits will develop over time, not immediately. Keep trying, it’ll be worth it.

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