6 Reasons Why Tending a Garden is Advantageous!

Its time to take out your gardening tools and stock up the seeds for growing your favorite fruits and vegetable. Growing your own fruits and veggies will provide you fresh meal every time of the day. Not only will it benefit you or your family but also benefit society,community as well as the environment.Most of us might not have a spacious house to accommodate a garden,so you can go for similar options like a small backyard,a terrace garden,a kitchen garden or a small balcony garden.

Gardening Hobby

Here are 6 Reasons why you should tend to a garden everyday:

1.You can start a family hobby.Gardening is a fun, family-friendly activity.It is very beneficial for kids and allows them get their hands dirty and enjoy the real fruits of their labor. You will feel refreshed and reduce stress while in the process of planting seedlings and plucking them when ready.Starting a garden of your own is an excellent way to get your family off the couch and onto their feet in the green grass.

tending to a garden-advantages

2.Growing some staple fruits and vegetables, will help in reducing the amount of pesticides in your diet,since plants in your garden are much more healthier.Initially,it might not be possible for you to grow all sorts of vegetables and fruits,but you can always start with some basic ones,like lemons,cilantro,chilies,potatoes,tomatoes and onions.They are pretty easy to cultivate and grows pretty fast.

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3.Gardening will give you a sense of appreciation.It will develop more as you see the  when you can see the wonderful perks of your effort.The closer you are to nature,you will be able to appreciate it more,and you will have the opportunity to see how nature has marvelously designed the process.

4.You can learn a lot if you tend to a garden! You will be able to gather a lot of knowledge while gardening as you can learn about the weather, the soil and different types of useful gardening tools etc.You will also learn about healthy alternatives for treating bugs and pest without using harmful Chemicals and pesticides,normally used by farmers, on your plants which can be a fun learning experience!


Benefits of tending to a garden

5.You and your family can feel that the food tastes better when you know it has not been sprayed with harmful chemicals and pesticides. The fruits and vegetables bought from supermarkets are stored for a considerable period of time.This means that it might not taste as fresh as the ones you are growing your own.You will also be able to pick fresh fruits and veggies whenever desired.   When you cook with store-bought vegetables you may find the flavor missing, but on cooking your own vegetables,you will have a better tasting experience.

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6. You will get some vitamin D in the process which is very beneficial to your health.The sun rays promote vitamin D production, which is vital to our health.If you are gardening for around 30 minutes a day,you will feel positive energy around you.Also Vitamin D affects your sleep quality and improves your sleep.Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Start Exploring Your Garden Today!

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