7 Things You Should Keep A Secret:Always

There are certain things in life which are worth concealing or keeping to yourself. Sharing your personal stuff with others,might cause unnecessary confusion and also make you seem more like a pusher. You need to have a side that is just for yourself. That’s a healthy way to life; no matter who says what.Here is a  list of seven most crucial things I believe you should always keep secret.

1.Your Highest Aspirations.

Try to be silent about your most ambitious plans or aspirations.There are high chances that your plans have certain loop holes and not everything is properly thought out. Someone might notice and pick up these ill-thought out parts you haven’t worked on, and succeed before you can.Also DO NOT listen to what people say and get discouraged or worned down. Walk towards your goals as you know best what you are doing, everybody will get to know about your success, anyway.So, to prevent discontented and dismay,keep your highest aspirations a secret.

secrets and aspirations

2.Don’t Reveal your Way of Life.

Do not discuss or reveal your lifestyle with others,at least try not to.It’s not worth being boastful about your diet, or how you have overcome your eating,sleeping or other habits and your spiritual goals.Discussing,bragging or even revealing you lifestyle pattern makes no sense.In a way it means that your emotional condition isn’t harmonious, and all you have is a desire to impress others and receive praises. Don’t live your life to tell others about it.

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3.Detestable Facts you Know About Others.

Don’t discuss about unpleasant things you’ve heard people say or do. The reason being: It isn’t your business, so stop showing interest or stop thinking about such things.It will be of no use,except you will wear yourself out in the process and lose the trust of the people with whom you’ll discuss these issues. Naturally people will be reluctant to share anything with you.


4.Your Belief

All of us believe in something such that we are able to go on with our lives in a healthy way. We have certain things which soothe our souls. Any speculation you make from your life concerns only you. So make it a point not to share them or push them onto others.


5.Problems and conflicts with family and close friends.

The more you talk about problems and conflicts, the harder it will become to solve them. Few things should be settled among those you have a strong connection with, and not exposed to others. Also, nobody will help you to resolve anything and you will find yourself talking about it in vain, and ruining your mood. Different opinions will confuse you at the end since nobody knows your close ones as well as you do. Trust yourself, have patience and sort out your problems.

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Problems and conflicts with family should be a secret

6.Your Fear and Weakness

Each of us have certain fears and weaknesses.no matter what. However, revealing it will not bring you any comfort. Instead people, no matter how close they are, might use such things against you. The solution isn’t sharing your fears, but to be aware of them and gather courage to face them.

fear and weakness

7.Don’t Bring up your Past

Bringing up your past again and again is useless and baseless, especially if it is over. If any event that was ignored and kept bottled earlier, now feels like a big burden, even then there’s no point bringing it up again as it won’t help in any way. The best you can do, is to express your feelings while any event is happening and share your thoughts on it then and there. There is nothing you can do afterwards other than holding grudges for no reason.

Don't Bring up your Past

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