7 Ways to Add Turmeric in Your Diet.

Many of us are confused about ways to incorporate turmeric in the diet . Here I will share with you 7 extremely simple turmeric recipes that will give you options to try out a range of dishes with turmeric. I have a habit of adding a pinch of turmeric to any dish that I sauté, like stir-fried veggies, scrambled eggs, lentils, etc. To derive best benefits out of turmeric, try to get pure,organic turmeric.
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7 Simple Ways to Add Turmeric to your favorite food:

1. Make scrambles and frittatas with a hint of turmeric.

Next time you prepare scrambled eggs, frittatas, tofu scramble or any other,make sure to add a pinch of turmeric. If you or anyone in your family is new to turmeric, this is a good way to start as the flavor is subtle and the smell familiar.

turmeric recipes

2. Try it with green salads.

Sprinkle turmeric into braised green vegetables like kale, collards, and cabbage.

turmeric salad


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3. Toss turmeric while you saute vegetables.

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Turmeric has a slightly warm and peppery flavor which goes well with cauliflower, potatoes, and other root vegetables.

Turmeric recipes

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4. Add it to your flavored rice preparation.

A pinch of turmeric brings color and a mild flavor your flavored rice preparation,like onion rice,egg rice,friend rice etc.

Turmeric recipes

5. Use turmeric in your soup bowl.

Adding turmeric to a bowl of vegetable or chicken soup will give it a subtle flavor. Also, it feels  more warming when it’s tinted with golden turmeric.

turmeric soup

6. Blend turmeric into your smoothie.

A root of fresh turmeric is great in juices and smoothies.Not only it increases the nutritional value but also masks the turmeric smell.Turmeric has a slightly pungent flavor which is usually well masked in smoothies.

7. Make turmeric tea.

To make comforting turmeric tea,simmer turmeric with milk and honey for 10 minutes.To add on to the nutritious value of turmeric tea,pair it with pepper,about 1/2 teaspoons of ground pepper.

turmeric tea

Try out these easy ideas and derive best benefits out of turmeric by incorporating it in your and your family’s daily diet plan.

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