8 Hacks to Make your New Year Resolution a Success!

It is very easy to make a New Year’s resolution passionately, but most of us find it very difficult sticking to the resolution! It is possible, but it does require attention, planning and determination to adhere to the same amount of time required to change or inculcate a habit  .Here are a 8 easy hacks for you to do it:

Choose the right health habits for you

To ensure that new habits become a long-term theme in your life, you need to choose an activity that suits who you are and how you live.Otherwise, you will find that you are struggling with a tough fight against personality and lifestyle factors that are too difficult to change.
When you choose the habits you want to form, as well as your strengths and passions, do remember your daily schedule and general stress levels.
Try writing down your new habit in your diary!

Choose the right health habits for you this new year

Reserve a specific time in your schedule only for the specific activity or habit.

If you do not have a specific plan to stick to for a new habit, it’s always preferable to maintain time sheet.This will not allow you some “free time” to do anything new or try out some experiments.
Then write this slot to your diary for the next six months. Whether it’s “Every morning before the shower”, “During my lunch break” or “Weekend at 8pm”, you need to have a time that you know is left to your chosen activity so that you will not keep finding a reason for the ditch .

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-Reserve a specific time in your schedule only for the specific activity or habit

-Give your system time to inculcate the habit

An American study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that, on an average, new habits often need 66 days (or two to three months) to become automatic and after that it no longer needs to be considered.
So, if the first few weeks are a fight, do not worry.
As long as you stick to your new health behavior for at least three months, a new habit will be formed.

Give your system time to inculcate the habit

Rest a while.

Create a short break in your overall plan. We can do anything in a short period of time, but when we consider doing it everyday,it tends to get dull and monotonous. Discard all or some of the ideas, enjoy a moderate rest.

For e.g,If you are losing weight, and are avoiding sugar, eat a dessert every two weeks.
Or, if you think you have more willpower, stick to a firm plan for four to six weeks and then rest for a week.

Just make sure that during your “off” time, you will not undo all the progress you have made – making the goal of keeping or relaxing a bit, not indulging and slipping back.

Rest a while

Awaken Your Inner Rebel

Give your willpower some swing space and avoid 100% resolution. Psychologist Connie Stapleton said: “Absolutely like ‘I give up all the candy’ or ‘I will not use my credit card’, so you try to get rid of your too strict rules.Go,make your resolution successful.

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Awaken Your Inner Rebel this new year

Crank your biggest hit

When you feel frustrated, remind yourself of what you’ve achieved in the past, Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. said “People beat themselves and still need to lose their baby’s weight or stop going to yoga classes, but they ignore what they do need to be strong Such as building a nest egg or sticking to a long list of computer training they need in order to get a better job.Lombardo’s suggestion: “Write down your proud 100 things until” . It will remind you that you how much willpower you possess and help in making your new year resolution a success.

-Be a Visionary

Write down your goals on paper, or better do a “resolution planner” and lay down your thoughts. Paper cuts, drawings, and remarks can be used to describe the final results. Write down your favorite motivational quotes and other personal reasons for doing so. Make it graphic and compelling such that it is beneficial on those days when you just can not do it. Make sure to draw a very clear picture of what it will be and what you are trying to do. If you want to fit those tight-fitting jeans from your college days, take your sexiest pictures from those days. If it is a house you want to save, put the picture of the house you want to buy when you have a way.

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Now look at that book every morning. Many successful people through this key construction strategy swear. Robin Sharma has a formula:
Focus + Time = Mastery.
“The more you focus on, the better you will get,” he said.

Be a Visionary

Do not be afraid to start over

Because you have lost a few times, so giving up on resolution this new year may be tempting. Do Not.An article in the Washington Post talks about finding a new starting point by re-setting milestones. Research shows that other natural breakthroughs, such as starting a new job, or even just starting a new week, month or fiscal quarter, can also effectively motivate us to achieve our goals quickly, writes Jena McGregor.

Do not be afraid to start over

Finally, keep in mind that January 1 is one of many starting points. If you miss this white line, it will be very difficult to start.

This is YOUR year – take full advantage!

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