Best Fitness and Health Books You Must Read Now!

There are  many ideas and books giving us ideas to “eat healthy’. Mostly you will find it very boring to read about health and fitness in books,instead you would want to surf the net to get similar details.But some health books are worth spending your time on and give you adequate knowledge on building muscles, burning fat, improving your health, or just busting some myths we strongly believed in.
To save your time,I have listed a few best books which are really helpful and will help you live better.These books are easily available on Amazon and Kindle.

1.Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan

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An Eater’s Manual is a food guide that tells you to stop, think and then eat again.Yes you read it right,not everyone in the recent years promote eating to lose weight. The author stresses on eating more vegetables and also on not overeating. The book lays an emphasis on the type of food you eat.Today we do not give as much heed to food as we should. Due to the busy schedules most of us consume processed foods and fast food is a trend to save time. This book will help you understand the negative impact of fast food and processes food and how one can avoid such problems caused on prolonged consumption of those.
Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual also tells you what types of food are responsible for health problems and how to overcome such problems. This book talks majorly about vegetarian diet.
A golden manual on how to fight the ever-growing problem of obesity, Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual encourages its readers in leading an energetic and healthy lifestyle. The book was published by Penguin in 2010 and is available in paperback.
With Sixty-four aphorisms and their short explanations, you can easily read up the book in an afternoon.

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2.Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life By Kelsey Miller

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Kelsey Miller is the creator of the wildly popular Anti-Diet Project column has become a poster girl for the movement for holistic living and body positivity.The book describes her personal journey,the struggles and triumphs for a balanced lifestyle.At twenty-nine, she had done all of it,starting from crash diets, healthy diets etc.No diet could transform her body or her life she felt. There was no shortcut to skinny salvation.
With the help healthy diet and fitness professionals, she learned how to eat based on her body’s instincts and exercise sustainably, without obsessing over the number of calories burned.She also writes on her experiences of contending with painful truths of her past while stepping towards a healthy future.

3.  The Nalini Method: 7 Workouts for 7 Moods by Rupa Mehta

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Rupa Mehta, called a “pint-sized guru” by Vogue and the “Rachael Ray of Fitness” by the New York Post,helped thousands of people on their journey to physical and emotional wellness in her New York Studio. People across the globe love the Nalini Method’s unique approach to fitness (where yoga meets barre meets philanthropy). Founder Rupa Mehta is trying to bring her philosophy to the masses, with a mood-based fitness plan that merges workouts with emotions like anger, happiness, and doubt for mind-body transformation. The Nalini Method is an innovative mood-based fitness program that blends yoga, Pilates, strengthening exercises, and barre work to help you lose weight and achieve fitness.

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4.Don’t Lose Out, Work Out! By Rujuta Diwekar

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Honoured by ‘Nutrition award’ from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology , Rujuta Diwekar is an award-winning trainer. Her book “Don’t Lose Out, Work Out!” is one of the best-selling fitness regime books in India. In this book, she has shared her knowledge and experience on diet, weight-loss and healthy living. In the book,she explains the importance workouts and its benefits. Vital concepts of healthy living are explained in an easy understandable language.

The book also include real life experiences of people, which makes it more motivating and interesting to read. The book is written in a very simple way, reflecting her wonderful sense of humour from time to time. She lists easy ways keep track of health amidst day-to-day struggles with life.The book debug various myths about diet and exercise.

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