Best Homemade Natural Shampoo:Say NO To Hazardous Chemicals!

That modest looking bottle which promises you thick, luxurious lather and beautiful bubbles may not only be damaging your hair, but its ingredients could also lead to diseases, hair thinning and loss, and even scalp damage.


The offenders making the shampoo dangerous are surfactants called Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) and related compounds. SLS is possibly the most dangerous ingredient a consumer can find in most shampoos. So potent is SLS, studies have linked it to serious skin and scalp irritation and disease, hair loss and damage and the ability of the chemical to create nitrate compounds which have been linked to cancer and cell damage.
SLS is often disguised by a variety of chemical names such as diethanolime) (DEA, triethanolamine (TEA) and monoethanolamine (MEA). All are common in almost all shampoos. These other dangerous ingredients in shampoos are Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Disodium Laureth Sulfosucinate are made by separating Lauric acid from coconut oil and treating with sulfuric acid, or by making lauric acid synthetically, or Lauamide MEA, Cocamide DEA, Cocamide MEA, made from Lauric acid and ammonia. Even hair care products that label themselves as “natural” may contain these potentially fatal ingredients.These three ingredients have many useful applications in hair care remedies because.
You do get SLS Free shampoos in the market but then again you cannot trust their credibility and they are extremely costly.Here is a simple preparation,which is a subsitute to chemical shampoos and cheap as well.

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Before we proceed to making the all natural shampoo, it is necessary to be convinced about the effectiveness of each ingredient. Let us take a look at the different properties in these products that are particularly beneficial to the hair:

Benefits of Amla(Indian Gooseberry)

Amla has long been used as an effective hair loss remedy. Amla consists of a number of essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the hair. These essential fatty acids are able to penetrate through the scalp to remove any dryness and also treats dandruff.Amla is rich in proteins, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals that are necessary to help the hair grow and prevent any hair loss.
Amla is also effective in strengthening the roots of the hair.It also acts a conditioner that gives hair a natural shine and bounce.


Benefits of Reetha(Soapnut)

Reetha is a very effective cleansing agent that keeps the scalp gentle and removes any microorganism that may cause infections. Its natural cleansing agents are more beneficial than other chemical cleansing agents as they cause no irritation to the scalp.Its various active components nourish the hair and keep it healthy and smooth.Reetha adds shine to the hair and brings back the natural texture.
Reetha also helps in getting rid of dandruff and lice by using Reetha on a regular basis.

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Benefits of Shikakai(Acacia concinna)

Shikakai has a naturally low pH value, it is a mild component that retains the natural oils of the hair keeping it lustrous and healthy.It is also effective in strengthening the hair and conditioning it. As a result, it reduces hair loss and adds volume to the hair.It acts a powerful anti dandruff and protects the scalp from any other type of infection.

Making Amla, Reetha and Shikakai Shampoo

Making this wonderful homemade product is extremely easy! You will get all the ingredients in any Indian Departmental store!

-In about 500ml of water, soak 5-6 Reetha pods, 6-7 pieces of Shikakai and a few Amla(Indian Gooseberry) fruits overnight.
-The next morning, heat this mixture. Just when it begins to boil, turn the heat off.
-Allow the mixture to cool and then using a blender; squash the ingredients to a pulp.
-You will notice that there is a lot of froth produced when you do this. This is when you know that your shampoo has acquired all the goodness of these ingredients.
-Strain the mixture and the use the residue as a shampoo.

In case your hair is naturally dry, you can either use some hibiscus powder or use a mild conditioner on your hair after Shampooing.

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-If you are not able to get pods or pieces,you will definitely get powdered and packed products in the market.

-Mix 1-2 tablespoons of each powder(based on the length of your hair) with water and make a smooth paste.Apply it on your hair like your regular shampoo!

Positive Results that you might observe instantly:

-When you use this shampoo, the first thing that you will notice is that the amount of hair that you normally lose while washing it is significantly reduced.

-Any oiliness or dirt in the hair is removed completely. Also, the components that you have used in this shampoo separate the strands of hair making your hair look a lot more voluminous.

-Another instant reaction is that your hair will be more shiny and healthy in appearance.

When you wash your hair with this homemade shampoo, you will not feel the smoothness of chemically treated ones. You will feel like the shampoo is tangling your hair. However, once you wash it off, your hair will feel normal again.

Nature owns wonderful substitutes to everything harmful and hazardous.Try it out and feel the difference!



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