Changing Food Habits With Regular Yoga!


Yoga essentially means “Union”. In the literal sense, yoga brings to you the ultimate reality, where you can experience the nature of existence. Yogasana has helped many people globally to achieve new levels of spirituality in life. Yoga teaches us to master the body in the spiritual journey, before mastering the mind.
Several theories of yogasana talks about the 8 steps which can lead to enlightenment, the initial 4 steps deals with mastering the body. Once all the yogasana steps is mastered, you can feel profound effects on body and mind.

Changing Food Habits With Regular Yoga
Many yogis have stressed on how yogasana can have positive effects on food intake and diet. They also claimed of being able to overcome unhealthy food habits and change to healthier food choices.

Our diet is heavily depended on habits. Lets say, skipping breakfast.I f you have been doing it for a few years, you tend to skip it without any effort, unless you prepare your body to regular breakfast, once again. We may have created certain habits, like skipping breakfast for example, that continue for years until we make the effort to change ourselves. This kind of habits can deteriorate health. Doing regular yoga in the correct way can help you develop healthy food habits.
Yoga can help us reach enlightenment and change attitude towards ourselves. It can have a powerful effect on old habits, which can be replaced with healthier alternatives.
While performing the yoga, we have to be mindful about the things we do in our everyday lives. You have to be aware of the present moment. You have to be familiar with bodily experiences, the sounds around you even your breath. Regular yoga practice promotes mindfulness as a habit, and this mindfulness instilled in you,gradually changes the unhealthy habits.

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Yoga helps in changing the physical connections formed in the brain by us. Our brain has the ability to change recorded connections,better known as Neuroplasticity and yogasana plays a major role in this. To explain this process better, lets take an example. If you have chocolates when stressed, you are strengthening your response to stress. This ensures that every time you are stressed, you feel like eating a chocolate. This is how bad eating habits are formed. Once you are aware of your body’s response, you try to change the habits and start strengthening healthier habits.

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Regular yoga can change our habits, thus having a positive impact on our lives. So get that motivation and start changing your food habits and diet plan with meticulous yoga sessions.


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