How Many Pushups Should You Do In A Day


You might have various fitness goals like weight reduction, improving strength and muscle mass etc. Irrespective of whatever your fitness goals are, pushups should be a constant part of your fitness regime.They can be of varied types such as press ups and floor dips. The best thing about push ups is it not only targets the chest and upper body muscles but also other muscles of the body, hence a range of muscles get exercised.

Benefits of Regular Pushups

Pushups are one of the most flexible workouts that you can perform. You have to gradually grow your strength levels and move from standard pushups to inclined pushups. The other significant thing about push ups is that you do not require a gym equipment. All you need is space to stretch out on the floor.

Daily Pushup Routine

How Many Pushups Should You Ideally Do Regularly

There are no hard and fast rules on the number of pushups, and it depends completely on a person’s physical stamina and strength. A 25-year-old healthy male might complete 39 push-ups, while a person with higher level of fitness can complete 54 or more.
You can start your fitness journey, by doing five pushups perfectly. Doing the pushups correctly is more important than the count of the same.

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Determining The Daily Number

Firstly you need to ensure that you are doing it correctly.Do not cheat and perform more reps.It is always beneficial to perform correctly rather than focusing on repetitions. Keep your back straight and perform each pushup slowly, dip in fully before coming back up. If you wish to build muscles and get stronger, you have to push yourself to fatigue. Continue doing the pushup, until your arms are fatigued.

Try Out Variations and More Repetitions

If you wish to build stamina you have to perform more sets with variations. You have to first identify your fatigue point and perform two reps less than your fatigue point number. Say for e.g, your fatigue point is 30 pushups a day, do 28 in a set and take rest in between sets. Keep on increasing this number till you achieve your goal. Try out variations and make your workout more difficult.Do not let your body adapt to the exercise routine.

Do remember that pushups alone cannot help you lose weight. They are calisthenics exercises and do not help in burning more calories.

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