7 Dazzling and Natural Hot Springs In India

Hot spring is accumulated groundwater, which gets heated by energy created within the earth. Water from hot springs, is believed to have various beneficial properties, other than being places of tourist attractions. A lot of movies and serials show Romans enjoying hot waters of thermal springs. In China, people used hot spring waters for healing purposes. Bathing in hot water springs is an excellent way to De-stress, revitalize, socialize and heal your body. Spas all around the world have been established based on this concept. According to the Geological Survey of India, there are at least 300 hot springs in India.Here, we will take a look at some of the hot springs in India which are absolutely natural, and does not have pretentious which constructions around them.

1. Uttarakhand

Hot springs are found in plenty in the Uttarkhand area across the Himalayas. Many of these springs are worshiped by Indians and religious importance is given to places like Badrinath, Yamunotri & Gauri kund. Tapavan, Ganganani, Birhi Valley & Dharchaula in Uttarkhand are also famous hot spring spots.
hot springs in India
2. Meghalaya

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The famous Jakrem hot spring is 64 km from Shillong. Tourists and locals believe that this hot water spring can cure a number of ailments. Umngi in Meghalaya also has two natural hot water springs.

3. Arunachal Pradesh

There are two major hot springs in Arunachal Pradesh, one in Dirang region of Kameng district and the other on the edge of river Dirang-chu. Kitpi hot spring is located in Greng Khar village on the banks of the river Jong which is an excellent tourist destination.

4. Tripura

Unkoti,in Tripura, is not only of religious significance but also abounds in natural beauty. A number of streams meander through this region. Devotees from far and wide visit Unkoti and touch the waters of this spring as a part of the ritual.

5. Assam

The Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam is around a hot spring. It is frequented not only by people but also by elephants, making the spot all the more scenic. Another hot spring has been discovered lately in Assam is the Ultapani, in the Samukha rivulet.

6. West Bengal

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Bakreswar is a famous hot spring in West Bengal, flocked by devotees due the presence of ‘Shiv-ling’. There are supposedly nine hot springs here.

7. Himachal Pradesh 

Vashisht Temple hot spring in Manali is famous among devotees. Manikaran too has a hot spring of religious significance. Shimla houses a hot spring in Tattapani. Khir Ganga in the Parvati Valley is a beautiful tourist destination as you can come here and take a holy dip while admiring the peaks around the hot spring.

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