Ear Infection? Simple, Natural Remedies For Fast Recovery


Ear infections can afflict both adults and children(more prevalent in children). Ear infection is majorly caused due to water that is trapped in the ear canal. Water gets trapped due to wax buildup commonly called swimmer’s ear. This in turn causes growth of bacteria leading to ear infection.The other cause is generally related to an allergy caused by fluid buildup in the ear.You can consider the below mentioned natural home remedies that can be extremely useful to fight ear infection.

Listed Are A Few  Natural Ear Infection Remedies

1. Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is very effective in case of ear infections. It is easily available in health food stores and online.  Garlic oil is extremely useful in virus related ear infections because of its antiviral and anti inflammatory properties. Antibiotics are mostly ineffective against viral ear infections.If your child is suffering from ear infection, do not go for antibiotics as it can cause allergies in children.Natural treatment is always a better alternative.All you need to do is pour a few drops in the ear(preferably warm) for a natural remedy.

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ear infection remedies

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil,also known as melaleuca, has powerful antiseptic properties, and is an excellent natural treatment for any infections.
Use a few drops of tea tree oil if you are suffering from ear infection. You can also mix it with a little coconut oil and rub it all around the ear area.


ear infection remedies


3. Find Out If Allergy is the Cause of Infection

Try finding out what is causing the ear infection.One common cause might be food sensitivities.

In children it might be allergy to gluten,lactose or casein in dairy, nuts,etc. Any of these can cause ear infection. Notice if consuming certain types of conventional dairy or gluten is the cause of ear infections.Alternatives you can try is replacing cow’s milk products with goat milk and goat cheese, as most kids do better with that form of dairy.

Must Haves During Ear Infections

-Water:Since it is beneficial in clearing mucus.
-Fish: Omega-3 fats present in fish reduces inflammation and allergies.
-Lean protein:Proteins make the immune system stronger, thus curing ear infections faster.
-Fresh Fruits and vegetables: Keeps immune system strong, helping the body ward off infections.

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Must Avoids During Ear Infection

– Food allergens: Mainly conventional dairy, gluten, shrimp etc.
-Sugar because it reduces immune functioning.
-Processed foods containing added chemicals and dyes.

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