Joint Pain?Here’s A Natural Cure for Arthritis!

Most of us sit in the chair for a good portion of a day,which seems easy and relaxing but it’s not.Regular movement is necessary for keeping joints flexible and mobile,but  working 8 hours a day without much movements make us prone to arthritis and joint pain.Now,you must have heard of bay leaf and olive oil which is easily available inany kitchen.
Bay leaf is a popular Indian spice and mostly used while cooking.Ancient Indians used to treat painful joints,varicose veins as well as  various other health issues.You can use it as a healing oil which will provide you joint pain relief naturally.I will show you how to prepare a laurel oil with magical properties and is an all herbal cure to arthritis.

Firstly,lets learn about the benefits of bay leaves for our body

– Help in reducing pain
– Soothe the nervous system
– Strengthens and revitalize the immune system
– Stimulates the sweating process

To treat varicose veins and painful joints naturally,follow these instructions.

To prepare the oil you need:

-250 ml of olive oil

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Olive oil to treat varicose veins and painful joints naturally

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-30 grams of bay leaves

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Laurels or Bay Leaves to treat varicose veins and painful joints naturally

Preparation: Crush the bay leaves and pour some olive oil on it. Now place it in a glass bottle,tightly close it, and let it sit in dark and preferably cold place for 2 weeks. This will help infusing all the nutrients of the bay leaves in the olive oil.Also,keep shaking the bottle from time to time. In 2 weeks, strain the liquid with a piece of muslin cloth or sieve into another container.Store the oil in a cold and dark room.

Usage:Heat the oil for better benefits.Do not microwave it directly.Place a small bowl of infused olive oil on a pan containing hot water,the oil will heat up. Then, rub the oil on the painful joints. This oil can also be used to treat inflamed lymph ulcers, ear infections, and migraine. If you suffer from headaches, apply the oil on your temple to get relief.

Health benefits of Laurel Oil

-This bay leaf infused olive oil can replace the effects of aspirin such as increased body temperature.
-Effective in treating stomach pain, intestinal problems and also helps in normalizing liver and kidney functions.
-If you are suffering from skin issues,mix it along with your lotion before applying.
-This oil great in treating acne and blackheads.

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