Almond Milk Nutritional Benefits and Home Made Almond Milk Recipe.

Almond milk is made from almonds and water and is a popular alternative to cow’s milk. According to the Boston Globe,almond milk surpassed soy-milk as the most popular non-animal milk product in 2014.According to Heap, almond milk is “a tasty dairy-free, soy-free lactose-free alternative”.

Benefits of consuming almond milk
Almond Milk Nutrition

-It is Non-dairy/ lactose-free

Almond milk being dairy-free,is a very good option for those with dairy intolerance and looking for the best alternatives.A recent article on best dairy alternatives published in Critical Reviews on Food Science and Nutrition, 75% of world’s population suffers from dairy intolerance and benefits largely from products like almond milk. It is the best dairy substitute for vegans and vegetarians.

-Helps in Improving Heart-Health

Almond-milk is cholesterol free, and also contains monounsaturated fats which is good for your heart.It is also low in sodium and high in omega 3 fatty acids,found in fish, which helps to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease.

-Helps in Weight Management

A cup of almond milk contains 60 calories, which is 146 calories in whole cow’s milk. It is a great substitute that will help you in losing or maintaining your current weight.

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-Keeps your bone strong

Though almond milk doesn’t offer as much calcium as cow’s milk, but it offers 30 percent of the recommended daily amount, and also 25 percent of the recommended amount of vitamin D, reducing the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis and improving your immune system.These two component in almond milk work together to provide healthy bones and teeth.

-It keeps your skin glowing.

Almond milk contains vitamin E and antioxidants properties,essential to your skin’s health, such as protecting your skin from sun damage.

Almond milk can be made at home by blending almonds with water and straining them. Sweeteners or salts may then be added as per choice.Almond milk manufacturers usually add vitamins and other nutrients, and also thickening agents like carrageenan.

I will share with you a cheap recipe for DIY Almond milk at home.


-1 Cup of Almonds
Almond Milk Nutrition
-A Blender
How is Almond Milk Made

How is Almond Milk Made?
Vanilla Essence/Sweetener/Cinnamon(As per choice)
Almond Milk Preparation


Soak a cup of almonds,in water for a day or two,uncovered.Discard the water in which the almonds were soaked.Now,rinse the almonds.Blend them well with 2 cups of fresh water.Strain the residue well using cheesecloth.Add a little vanilla essence, sweetener or cinnamon as per taste.

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Commercial almond milk will have a use-by date on its packaging and for most brands be used within seven days after opening.It is advisable to consume homemade almond milk within two days.

Nutrient Content.

One 8-ounce glass of almond milk contains:

-1 gram of protein
-1 gram of fiber
-17 grams of magnesium
-1.5 grams of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats

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