Sudden Dizziness After Swimming?Causes and Prevention

Dizziness after swimming can lead you to avoid swimming altogether and make you afraid of this exciting sport all the more.Dizziness after swimming though mild and short-lived and not of major concern yet might evoke fear in you.You can effectively treat dizziness after swimming by making certain dietary changes and changing your swimming style.
Dizziness while swimming might be caused every time you swim or when you perform different strokes while swimming.Your dizziness might last for a minute or two, or it may last several hours or even days after you finish your swim, depending on the cause. Other symptoms that might follow dizziness are headache, reduced performance while swimming, or a feeling that your head is spinning.

Dizziness after Swimming

Possible causes why you might experience Dizziness while swimming:

-Getting water inside your ear is common while swimming which is a major cause of dizziness until the water drains out of your ear completely.

-If your blood sugar levels are can  result in dizziness,especially if you were swimming for a long time in empty stomach.

-You can experience dizziness after swimming because of dehydration caused while swimming.

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-Allergies or asthma, pollen in the air near the water body you are swimming or chemicals in the pool like chlorine can cause dizziness after swimming.

– American Academy of Otolaryngology stated that stress,anxiety and tension before or during swimming can reduce blood circulation in your brain, resulting in dizziness.

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Prevention of Dizziness After Swimming

-Wear earplugs while you swim,to prevent a gush of water from entering your ears while swimming.

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-Eat something light before swimming to prevent dizziness after swimming.Having a fruit or few nuts before swimming will prevent low blood pressure,especially if you are planning to swim for a long period of time.

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Eat Almonds to prevent dizziness after swimming

-Drinking enough water or a sports drink before you start swimming.You can carry a sipper and drink some water while swimming to prevent dehydration.

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Drink water to prevent dizziness after swimming

-If you feel dizzy while swimming, relax,slow down and focus straight on a point in front of you.Slowly move out of water with a little head movement. If you find it too difficult to swim,call for assistance.Try holding on to the nearest support(e.g.Rope,Wall of pool etc) till help arrives.

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-If you are prone to dizziness while swimming, try strokes with minimal head movement, such as side strokes or a head up breast stroke or freestyle.

-Try using a kick board or floater instead of swimming the whole stroke without any swimming aids.Swimming aids can help minimize head movement and provide support thus reducing dizziness,during and after swimming.

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Kickboard and floater to prevent dizziness after swimming

Dizziness after swimming is mostly temporary and does not require any medical treatments, explains the American Academy of Otolaryngology.If you are prone to allergies,or low blood sugar,take medical advice before swimming for longer period of time. If you have dizziness related to vertigo,check with your doctor to ensure that you do not have any cardiac or neurological disorders, because swimming is not advisable if vertigo is severe.

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