Kashmir Expedition:7 Days Guide for a Spectacular Journey!

I went to Kashmir a year ago in 2016, for the first time .I’ll be sharing with you my tour details as well as some heavenly images of Kashmir.

It was in the month of April,I visited Kashmir with my family.We started our preparations some 5 months back since it involved lot of packing and planning.

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We landed in Srinagar Airport with a chilly breeze on our face and we enjoyed the  chill althroughout our stay in Kashmir. Kashmir is a girdled with the beauty of the land ,of the beautiful Himalayas and the streams that will always run parallel with you throughout the your stay there. You will get captivated by the charm of the apple orchards and the saffron fields and the chinars – the magnificent trees with large trunks which is surely remind you of what Enid Blyton described as the faraway tree.



The 2nd day of our Kashmir trip, we visited Dal Lake and Shankaracharya Temple. We reached Dal Lake fro our stay within 1 hour.To reach the temple you need to climb 200 plus stairs and travel time is about 45 minutes. On the way up you can get a mesmerizing view of the Dal lake. Avoid going there in the mornings (though I went in the morning itself) as it is a rush hour owing to hundreds of pilgrims.

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After sunset we visited Hazaratbal shrine. It is advisable to go in the evening as you can avoid rush and see the whole area peacefully. On Hazaratbal Road, we stopped by Moonlight Bakery’ and had delicious Walnut Fudge.

The 3rd day we visited Gulmarg. Srinagar city to Gumarg is about 60 kms.At Tanmarg, which is about about 5 kms from Gulmarg,we had mouth watering Kashmiri breakfast . At Tanmarg,you can hire coats, gloves, gum boots etc in case you are not carrying your own.

We hired a taxi which passed by the entrance of the road leading to Gondola station. The road to Gondola station by taxi is about a km. On the first level, there is a good restaurant offering various snacks and lunch. We went up to second level but it started snowing and chilling wind made us impossible to go out of Gondola station in the second stage. The Gondola station is pretty small and its difficult to wait for a longer time span. After coming to the first stage we enjoyed the snow.  There are many sports available on the first level and some restaurants. The Tourism department has made arrangement of hot water in toilets for washing hands, which is really appreciable. The Gondola Ride was something I enjoyed immensely.

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On the 4th day we visited Pahalgam. Srinagar city to Gulmarg is about roughly 90 kms.On the way, we saw Awantipura ruins , Mughal gardens and a beautiful garden at Verinag.  We wanted to go up to Sinthan top but it was fully covered with snow. Achabal is a small village where you can see Mugal Gardens. Verinag is also a small town with a small market and shops. Dry fruits are available at cheap prices at Verinag. On the way we could saw beautiful apple orchards ,which were leafy and fruits were yet to come.It must be marvelous during August and September when the gardens are full of fruits.We were put up in Pahalgam, Traveller’s Inn. The property is beautifully located on the bank of Liddar river and surrounded by snow capped mountains. We did not have he luck to visit Aru valley and Betab since it was raining continuously and snowy. The caretaker cooked delicious Kashmiri dinner for us, of hot chapati and steaming potato fry curry.We stayed back in Pahalgam for one extra day to witness the beauty of nature.

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The 6th day we returned to Srinagar. On the way back, we visited gate of Mattan garden and Martanda temple.

The 7th day morning we went to Yusmarg. The roads were beautifully covered by beautiful trees, farms, apple orchards and small villages .which are very picturesque. When we reached,it was raining heavily and the sights scenes had to be experienced from the taxi.

Yusmarg marked the end of our Kashmir trip.We reached Srinagar in 2 hours roughly from Yusmarg and headed home!


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