Miraculous Benefits of Chia Seeds-Salvia Hispanica

Chia seeds are obtained from the plant known as Salvia hispanica.This plant is used for supplemental purposes and supplies dietary fiber and fatty acids.
Chia seeds are considered among one the healthiest foods on the planet since they are abundantly loaded with nutrients for benefiting your body and brain.

Recommended dosage

There is no evidence to suggest if this is the optimal dose but 25g of chia seeds,used once daily with any meal is immensely useful for general health and intestinal functioning.

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Listed are 7 chia seeds benefits:

1.It provides massive nutrients and contains very few calories

Chia seeds are tiny seeds produced by the plant Salvia Hispanica,which majorly grows natively in South America.Ancient people used chia seeds as a dietary staple, only recently did chia seeds become recognized as a modern-day super food.“Chia” meant “Strength” in Mayan language.A serving of chia seed will provide you with Fiber,Protein,Fat,Calcium,Manganese,Magnesium,Phosphorus.They also contain a decent amount of Zinc, Vitamin B3,Potassium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2.
A single ounce of chia seeds will supply you only 137 calories and one gram of digestible carbohydrate.Also chia seeds are a “whole grain” food, which are usually grown organically, and are naturally gluten-free.

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2.Almost all carbs present in Chia Seeds are Fiber

An ounce of chia seeds contains 12 grams of “carbohydrate”. But 11 gms of it is fiber, which isn’t digested by the body.Fiber does not raise blood sugar levels nor does it require insulin to be disposed of and hence it shouldn’t be counted as a carbs.Actual carb content is only 1 gram in an ounce, which is very low.
Chia seeds increase fullness, by slow absorption of food and hence you automatically eat fewer calories.

chia seeds benefits

3.Chia Seeds contains quality protein

Chia seeds contain 14% protein, and a good balance of essential amino acids.Chia seeds has been considered as the most weight loss friendly nutrient in the diet, by far.Including a high protein in your diet,reduces appetite, obsessive thoughts about food and the desire for night time snacking to large extent.People who eat little or no animal products,should definitely include chia seeds in their diet to meet daily protein requirements.

4.High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids content

Chia seeds are said to contain more Omega-3s Fatty Acid ALA than salmon.However, we are not good at converting Omega-3s Fatty Acid into DHA.Hence,in order to get DHA for your body and brain, you must eat fatty fish regularly or take fish oil.If you are a vegetarian,you can go for DHA supplements.

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5.High in  calcium, phosphorus and magnesium

Chia seeds are high in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus,which are essential nutrients for your bone health.Chia seeds contain 18% of the RDA in a single ounce,thus making chia seeds an excellent source of calcium for people who don’t have dairy products.

6.Major Improvements in Type 2 Diabetics

A study conducted for type 2 diabetics showed that chia seeds can significantly lower the blood pressure level.Chia seeds being high in fiber can significantly lower blood sugar spikes after meals,as per the study conducted with diabetic patients.

7.They can improve workout performance like in Sports Drink

According to a study, chia seeds can help athletes increase their intake of nutrients while decreasing their intake of sugar.You can replace half of your sports drink with chia seeds and get similar benefits.

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How to Incorporate Chia Seeds in your Diet?

Chia seeds can be eaten raw, added in juice, porridges and puddings, or added to baked items.You can also sprinkle some on your cereal, yogurt, vegetables or rice dishes.

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