Nature is about Smelling,Hearing,Tasting & Seeing!

To the most amazing people in the world. you.Yes,you who love the spring and the fall and enjoy the neutral weather that is perfect for anything. The Sun on your face and the cool breeze on your skin and above all the rain. There is just something about water falling from the sky that puts you in a good mood.

Signs which prove you are the special one,the Pluviophile,close to the beautiful nature:


1.You are Entranced by Rainbows

The afterglow of rain showers is just as good as the downpour. You love rainbows and all of its transparency. Sometimes there’s one and sometimes there’s more. It amazes you that they are neverending and you can never truly reach the end of one. You would know because you’ve actually tried to find the end. That incident didn’t end so well. Now, you just gaze at rainbows and admire their beauty.

2. You Have Multiple Rain Outfits

One brightly colored umbrella, one pair of obnoxiously squeaky boots, and one loose fitting raincoat is not enough for you. You have multiple outfits and accessories for rainy days. It’s kind of sickening. You could care less about having a lot of bathing suits or sunglasses. Your main concern is what will make you look cute on a stormy day. You have this idea that the rainy setting makes you look radiant and you can’t wait to instagram a picture of the rain splashing on your face. There is just something about the rain that makes everything seem more beautiful and you love to look glam in all of your rain attire.
3. You Take More Than Two Showers a Day

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t rain nonstop, all day, everyday. But let’s take a moment to be realistic. That would actually be terrifying if it did. But in your ideal world, it wouldn’t be so bad. It would actually make all your dreams come true. Nonetheless, it doesn’t rain everyday. To make up for the lack of rain, you take more than the normal amount of showers. You try to replicate the calming feeling that rain brings by standing under the shower head. It’s not the same but it will do.mumbai-rains-7593You Enjoy Water Parks

Forget ferris wheels and roller coasters, you are all about swimming like a fish at water parks. You love riding the mechanically engineered waves and tubing down a huge waterslide. Water parks are more serene than other amusement parks. It’s just something about water that makes you feel safe and excited at the same time. You also like to pretend that the water park is your kingdom and you are its ruler. But we’ll keep that between us. Our little secret your highness.



4.The Rain Changes Your Mood

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When it downpours your mood can change so fast as if the rain switched a light on inside you. It’s actually quite astonishing. You go from being an untame fire breathing dragon to a cute adorable puppy in five seconds. The power that rain has over you is incredible. It keeps you calm, happy, and at peace. I’m sure your significant other loves it when it rains. You are way more agreeable when it does.



5.You Gravitate Towards Dark Colors

Your entire wardrobe is full of dark blues, blacks, and greys. You didn’t pick that color scheme purposely. Those are just the clothes that popped out to you and you thought they were cute. You’ve never been a bright color person. Neon colors make you want to puke. Darker colors remind you of a cloudy rainy day. People think that your dark attire makes you seem gloomy and angry, but they are wrong. You are as happy as can be. Dark colors are your joyous colors.

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7. You Love the Smell of Rain

It’s true. Rain has a smell and it smells amazing. If you could buy a candle or air freshener that smelled exactly like rain, you would buy it. Every single one. You would probably feel and look like a hoarder with the amount of rain fragrance items you’d have in your home. But you wouldn’t mind. Forget about the fruity smells or the eye burning fragrances, you are perfectly happy with the soothing smell of rain.

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You are a pluviophile if you exhibit these traits. This list has key signs to know if you are absolutely obsessed with rain. You love pretending like you’re five again and playing in it. You love the pacifying smell of it. You ditch the sheep and doze off to it. You love it’s afterglow and everything about it always puts you in the best mood. Don’t shy away from who you are. Be the pluviophile you were born to be.


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