Overtraining at the Gym-Here’s Why You Should Stop Right Now!


People are often confued as to how often visiting the gym is required. Working out every day OR overtaining is not sustainable – physically or mentally. According to Archer, “If you go every day you won’t be able to maintain a useful intensity and you’ll get bored.” Try incorporating rest days into your schedule instead of beating yourself up about it and losing motivation.

Listed are 5 Reasons to Skip Workout Sometimes and not Overtrain Yourself:

1. Your muscles grow while you take rest. When you Lift weights during intensive workouts,tiny tears are created in your muscles that can only repair itself during rest period. The repair process of your muscles during rest period makes your muscles stronger than before. Though it’s important to work hard in training your muscles, it’s equally important to give your body time to recover by resting.

2.Overtraining can lead to burnout. After all, life is about balance. All our resources are limited—time, energy, money, strength. Hence, spending too much of your resources on exercise and training can lead to burnout. So its always better to settle for a program that fits in your schedule and goals rather than beating yourself up about it and quitting after one month. Exercise is supposed to be a lifelong activity, and it should make you happy. Find a balance that works best for your body, mind and life.

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3.The more you exercise the bigger is your appetite. Overtraining requires more energy and to sustain the exertion, you feel more hungry. We often have the fear that cutting back on cardio will lead to weight gain, but that’s not the process works. Hunger tends to decrease in proportion with lighter workout schedule, so you won’t feel the need to feed your body frequently.

4.Overtraining can cause mood swings in everyone. Exercise and training is considered to be a potent anti-depressant. Many studies have claimed that working out is an effective medication for mild depression. But overtraining can have the opposite effect, such as anxiety over workout schedules and depression from being extremely run down.

5.Overtraining can mess with menstrual cycle thus causing amenorrhea, which is the absence of menstruation. Timely menstruation indicates that your body is in functioning perfectly and its absence signifies a problem, especially if it disappears for 2 months or more. Overtraining can drop the estrogen levels, making you weaker and more susceptible to injury.

So, next time you skip a day or two of training, don’t worry.Instead, enjoy your cheat day.

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