Easy Ways to Keep your Passport Safe while Traveling


We often find ourselves in challenging positions while traveling, if the passport is lost or stolen.Replacing the passport is quiet stressful, hence it is best to be proactive, before and while you are traveling.Are you wondering how to keep your passport safe and accessible at the same time?

Read on for 4 best tricks to keep your passport safe while traveling:

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1.Make Multiple copies of your passport before you start Traveling

Before heading out, try making at least 3 to 4 copies of your passport. Copy the page containing your photo and your full name and keep the copies in various places, like in various areas of your luggage bag,or with friends and relatives, in case you aren’t traveling alone. Also do remember to keep a copy of your passport at home, if you are on an office trip.For extra precaution, you can leave a copy of your passport with your emergency contact.Take the copy of your passport containing information that will help in obtaining a reissued passport.

2.Keep Your Passport Locked

No matter how expensive or reliable your hotel is, get into the habit of keeping your passport safely locked up. In case your hotel room doesn’t have a safe, ask if the front desk people can help you keep your documents locked and safe.If these options don’t work for you, secure your bag with a travel lock.

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3.Hide it in your clothing

You have different kinds of clothing available in various online stores like Travel underwear with pockets, Money Belts and pouches, where you can keep your passport concealed effortlessly.For the ones who are looking for more comfortable options, go for a travel wallet or passport cover.You travel wallet will have space for other valuables like cards and cash.This way you can safeguard your valuables from theft.

Men’s Travel underwear with pockets

Women’s Travel underwear with pockets

Passport wallet

4.Know where your passport is a necessity

Usually you will need your passport to clear airport security and immigration.But in various cases, your original passport is not required, your international driving license or copy of your passport will suffice. This will protect you from thieves and scammers as well.

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