Planning a Travel this Winter?Your Must Have Checklist is here!

I don’t like winters much,but sadly many of the attractive destinations are cold.Also traveling in the off-season, when a country’s weather may be colder, is also a great way to save up some money.If cold weather travel is inevitable, its important to know what to pack? And how do you pack it in just a carry on bag?The layers,sweaters and coats take up a lot of space.I will help you rework on general packing advice to convert it into a usable packing list, I have some tricks you can use to help you start. Remember that first you need to pack in layers and not in bulk. Heavy sweaters and sweatshirts occupy a lot of space in your luggage.Secondly, wear wool. Wool is natural and versatile. A wool layer will help regulate your body temperature in any weather.

The key to packing light for winter travel is layers. You don’t need one large size jacket to keep you warm,instead you can bring smaller pieces of clothing and wear it multiple ways.Listed are a few must-haves!

1.Start packing your base layers first.

A good base layer can add as much warmth as a heavy sweater.A base layer will insulate you from the cold without adding extra volume or eating up luggage space.
Base layer shirts can be short or long-sleeved, deepening on how cold your destination will be and what works best with your wardrobe.
A base layer shirt is the first important thing you should pack when traveling in winters.Wool is the ideal fabric for a base layer,though it might be a little expensive. Try investing in one wool base layer and then add on cheaper, polyester ones.You can find woolen pullovers,socks,caps and gloves in Amazon at various prices as per convenience.

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2.Don’t forget Socks

In cold weather, you would need thick socks to keep your feet warm. To prevent excess baggage
choose thinner socks that can still keep you warm. They will consume less baggage space and dry faster.Drying fast is important so that you can hand wash them frequently. By hand washing your socks, you can  avoid packing seven to ten pairs of socks. When space is a concern, I even pack less than three pairs of socks.Woolen socks would be the best option.Buy a little expensive but durable ones,such that you can wear it for a longer period of time.


Whether you choose to wear boots or shoes, choose footwear that will be comfortable for you while you perform activities on your trip.

A pair of good winter travel shoes should incorporate the following:

– They should be Weatherproof
– Try buying a pair of shoes or boots that can be worn loosely and won’t require a lot of tying and untying.
– Dark colored, so that mud stains wont show much.

There are plenty of options for boots that are good enough to hike through snow.Here are some options for men’s boots and women’s boots.


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As a smart traveler, you can get a great pair of warm, waterproof, yet very thin gloves that weigh less and will occupy a very less space in your baggage . The breath-ability of the gloves,make them wearable in cold climate and waterproofing makes them useful in the rains.

Requirements for perfect travel gloves:

– Water resistant
– Breathable
– Light Weight
– Dries Quickly
– Has a good grip

5.Coats and Jackets

The first rule that applies for coats and jackets is wear them, never pack them.If you feel hot while traveling, just stuff your jacket in the overhead bin in the plane or under the seat.I would prefer using it as a pillow.This way you can save up a lot of luggage space.If you dress in layers,you will be able to stay warm even without wearing a huge coat.


Don’t forget the listed accessories:

Sunglasses:Though winter sunlight is weak, when reflected off snow, can be rough for your eyes.Also,during winters the sun is lower in the sky, so is more likely to be in your line of sight and might be a problem when driving during the short daylight hours. Polarized glasses perform extremely well in such conditions.

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Sunscreen:A sunburn maybe caused from reflection of snow or ice and is hazardous for your skin.Use sunscreens for protection.

Carry a scarf.A scarf can be a small and light but very effective addition.

Now that you know what to pack for yourself,Good Luck and Bon Voyage!

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