Rebounding:The Best Exercise for Your Lymph System


To get the health benefits of rebounding, you’ll need a small trampoline. The one I have 36 inches, which makes it a great size to keep in the bedroom or easily move to different rooms in your home. You can find them online as well.You may be able to find one at your local store.

Rebounding increases the gravitational load and positively stresses every cell in your body. As a result, it strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system: your bones, muscles, connective tissue, and even organs.  And it promotes lymphatic circulation by stimulating the millions of one-way valves in your lymphatic system.
Sounds pretty good right?

In addition, rebounding is very low impact and allows you to do jumping and aerobic exercises for much longer intervals than you could on solid ground without tiring out or creating harmful oxidative and adrenal stress.

The Three Basic Rebounding Exercises:

-The Health Bounce is gently bouncing up and down on a rebounder without your feet leaving the mat.  It is very low impact and very effective at moving your lymphatic system. Most folks can easily do this for an hour or more while watching tv.

-The Strength Bounce is jumping as high as you can. It strengthens primary and stabilizer muscles throughout your body, improves your balance, and moves your lymphatic system like nothing else.  That’s what you want to work up to.

-Aerobic Bouncing is jumping jacks, twisting, running in place, bouncing on one leg at a time, dancing, and any other crazy maneuvers you can think of. Doing these high intensity aerobic exercises will get your blood pumping and your sweat on.

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-If you are too weak to jump you can sit on the rebounder and bounce gently in a seated position. I bought my rebounder in 2004 a few months after abdominal surgery, and found it too painful to really jump on at first, so I just did the health bounce. As my body healed, the pain went away and I started doing the Strength and Aerobic Bouncing.

Make sure to wear loose clothing while rebounding as it allows for increased circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system. This way, more toxins are released!

To maximize the benefits of your rebound workout,you can do the following:

-Drink 12-16 oz of clean filtered water beforehand.

-Do it outside and connect with God and nature. (If nature permits)

-Take at least 10 deep breaths of fresh air. In through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, then push it out through your mouth.

-Get sunlight on as much of your body as you can.

-If possible do it with enough intensity to break a sweat. Give yourself 7-20 minutes.

Sweating is important but it also means you’ll need a shower afterward. The nice thing about rebounding is you can still get a benefit from it even if you don’t break a sweat. Try to get at least one sweaty rebounder workout per day. I do it first thing in the morning before I shower for the day. If you can’t do it outside, do it inside. Just do it!

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How Often Should you do Rebounding?

Rebounding several times per day, every day will give you the most benefits. Many recommend rebounding for 15 to 20 minutes a day. But, in order to keep circulation increased throughout the day, I do it for about 4 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times spaced throughout the day. Typically, I do it once in the morning when I get up, then before lunch, in the afternoon, and once a few hours before bed. Keeping the trampoline in the same room as my computer helps as a reminder to get up and take a break from sitting. Plus, it’s fun to do!

7  Health Benefits of Rebounding:
Increases Your White Blood Cells by 3 TIMES!

After rebounding for just 5 to 10 minutes, the number of your white bloods will triple. According to Natural News, they will remain increased to that level for nearly an hour after rebounding. An increase in white blood cells enhances your immune system, which is great for not only preventing/recovering from illness, but also for those with autoimmune conditions.

Increases Energy

This gentle exercise increases circulation of oxygen to cells, which aids in boosting energy. Just after a few minutes of bouncing on the trampoline, I feel a burst of energy.

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Improves Digestion

According to Young and Raw, using a trampoline can help with digestion because the contraction and relaxation of muscles helps clean out the digestive tract.

Helps with Varicose Veins

Another one of the great health benefits of rebounding is that it helps reduce and prevent varicose veins. Since rebounding increases circulation and blood flow, it helps reduce the inflammation and pain with varicose veins. When I was looking for more information on how it helps with varicose veins, I found many commenting on their experience with it helping prominent veins.

Aids in Weight Loss

Rebounding is a great form of gentle exercise that promotes weight loss. I love that it is easy to do and fun!

Beneficial for Preventing Cancer

According to Linda Brooks, author of A Simple Approach to Cancer, rebounding aids in reducing tumors that are cancerous due to increasing the immune system and the cleansing of the lymphatic system.

Builds Bone Mass

It can increase bone density and help you maintain bone mass even as you get older. Additionally, starting it as a daily routine, can help prevent osteoporosis.

Happy Rebounding!


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