5 Simple Ways to deal with a Snoring Partner


Sleep getting disrupted every night due to partner’s snoring? Your partner might not realize that he/she snores, hence you should make an effort to let him know and find a solution for the same. It might as well be important for your partner to seek medical help in case he/she gasps or snorts at night. Snoring might also be a result of sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.Hence it’s always recommended to consult a doctor before using home remedies.

These are a few easy fixes to prevent your partner from snoring:

Simple Ways to deal with a Snoring Partner

1. Change The Sleeping Position.

Snoring might occur because your partner is lying on the back while sleeping.Lying on the back causes the base of your tongue collapse to the back wall of your throat, which leads to a vibrating sound while sleeping. Changing the sleeping position may help prevent this. A body pillow is a great solution as it can enable your partner to maintain sleeping on the side and prevent loud snores.

2. Avoiding Alcohol

Alcohol makes people snore as it relaxes the throat muscles, which affects the brain. So even if you are a person who normally doesn’t snore. might end up doing the same. If you sleep within 4-5 hours of having alcohol, chances are high that your snore might get worse.

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3.Concentrate on Keeping Nasal Passages Open.

Keeping nasal passages open can help in allowing air to pass slowly. If nasal passage is clogged due to cold, faster air movement is likely to cause snoring. The easiest fix for this is to take a hot shower before going to bed. This can help in opening the nasal passages. Also try to rinse your nose with saltwater rinse while showering to help open up the nasal passages. A neti pot is equally useful to rinse out the nasal passages. You can also use nasal strips for similar purpose.

Simple Ways to deal with a Snoring PartnerSimple Ways to deal with a Snoring Partner

4. Consider replacing the pillows

Even though you keep your room clean, allergens in your bedroom and pillow can be a cause of snoring. Try dusting the ceiling fan and replacing pillows and mattresses. You can see immediate results if snoring is actually caused by allergens.

5.Ask Your Partner to Stay Well Hydrated

Mucous and soft palate in your nose tend to be stickier when a person is dehydrated. This can create more snoring. The Institute of Medicine states that a healthy women’s body requires 11 cups of total water and men require about 16 cups(From all foods). Try to maintain the mentioned quantity for a healthy body.

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