Benefits of Soaking Almonds before Eating


Anybody who loves almonds, would always suggest you to soak it overnight and eat them the next day. The reason being that almond gets softer, easy to chew , skin slips off easily thus making it more palatable. But did you know that there are various benefits associated to soaking almonds prior to eating. These nuts are a storehouse of proteins, fiber, vitamins, calcium,magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. When soaked, they are able to give all these benefits at full blast.

Benefits of Soaking Almonds

Why is it Necessary to Soak Nuts?

Many of us eat nuts for a quick snack, healthy fats and proteins. It is absolutely necessary to soak nuts to help in better digestion as it contains phytic acids. If nuts are consumed without soaking, the phytic acids binds with the minerals in the gastrointestinal tract which might lead to mineral deficiencies. When you are soaking almonds, you are breaking down the phytic acid , such that it can be absorbed properly.

Benefits of Soaking Almonds

How to Soak Almonds Correctly?

Use a container twice the size of the quantity of almonds you wish to soak. Use warm water to soak them for maximizing benefits.As the nuts soak more water, they swell and become twice their size.Cover the nuts well and let it sit for minimum 12 hours or overnight.After soaking it overnight, strain all the presoaked water and refill it with warm water and soak it for another 10-12 hours.Add a teaspoon of salt when you refill the water.Now drain the almonds and let it dry. You can use a dehydrator for this purpose.It is a little time consuming but worth it.

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Here a few benefits of Soaking Almonds

-Dry nuts contain tannin, which is an enzyme inhibitor and prevents nutrient absorption in your system. Soaking them helps in better nutrient absorption and digestion.

-When they are soaked,the brown bitter seed coat comes off. This helps in releasing nutrients makes eating nuts more beneficial for the stomach.It prevents your stomach from getting upset after consumption.

Benefits of Soaking Almonds

-You can use soaked almonds with fresh milk, a pinch of saffron, cardamom, and sugar to make a wonderful coolant. It is very nutritious and delicious at the same time.

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