Soul Searching With Nature!

Soul searching is something related to an internal search for deep meaning in your life.Its an honest evaluation of your feelings and motives.

If you are fortunate, you have an intimate knowledge of the sacred and restorative power of nature. This connection may stem from a childhood spent playing in woods and streams, backpacking in the mountains, or vacationing by the ocean. But for many of us, our world revolves around technology and social interplay. We feel most alive amid the hum of modern life, and when not engaged or busy, we feel numb or disoriented. The inner space that resonates vividly with the natural world is unfamiliar to many of us, especially city dwellers.

You may enjoy spending time in a café watching people come and go, feeling warmth and liveliness supported by the pleasant aroma of coffee, but when was the last time you experienced the liveliness and power of the wilderness?

Connection to the peaceful, joyful experience of who you are, is directly accessible through the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of nature.

Once again, recognizing the presence or absence of this source of nourishment is the first essential step in healing soul loss. Ask yourself: How do you relate to the natural elements? Do you regularly take time to replenish yourself in nature? Is the natural world as lively for you as a coffee shop? Or is nature divorced from your inner world? If so, when did you lose your sacred connection to the natural world? Can you remember a time before you lost that connection? How did that feel?

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You might be of tasteful luxury otherworldly, and stunning natural beauty inside. To search for your true self you need to ditch all the present-day luxuries and camp with the basics in God’s flawless setting – e.g.Leh-Ladakh. You should be okay with roughing it, sleeping on the cold ground, using Mother Nature as lavatory and giving up on warm, comforting showers. Unadulterated air and picture-perfect views will make you extremely happy. You might get to enjoy a good night’s sleep – without trading off nature and it’s rugged beauty.

Why would you go to that remote corner of the earth where the man’s eye, after entangling into the ‘jazz’ of the world could never reach- just like his word ‘familiar?’ Why would you take a break at a place where you can’t find resorts, casinos, high-end shopping scene, clubs/bars, parties, art or fascinating buildings?

Because there, you’ll find yourself. When you find every cell in your body screaming nomad

‘ENOUGH,’ book yourself for a journey to your soul. If you’ve lost yourself somewhere in the enticing materialism or exotic vacations, reconnect to your soul while discovering places where the ‘high-end scene’ means the majestic peaks, ‘parties’ mean the merrily gurgling streams, the art is defined by the intermingling of the blues, greens and browns and the luxury is personified by living within yourself!

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