How to Stop Overthinking and Find Peace.

All of us try our best to stay positive, but not always can we refrain from negative thinking patterns.Negative thinking can havoc in our lives.There are lot of people,including myself,who are obsessed with over analyzing even regular experiences or interactions.Whenever any one bad thing happens in our life, we associate it with other bad incidents and start feeling miserable.If you are what psychologists call a ruminator, or, an over-thinker, it might be harmful and this way of thinking can be harmful to your health.
People who ponder a lot over little situations continuously wonder what they could have done better. Those who let negative thoughts control their thinking process, are more prone to stress and anxiety.Hence, relaxation is necessary.
Stop Overthinking and Find Peace
Listed are 4 ways to relax the mind and avoid overthinking!

1. Focus on the Positive Aspects of Life!

Focusing on the positive aspects will help you change the thinking process and kick out the negative that is dtuck in your system.Some easy ways to focus on the positive are keeping a gratitude journal mentioning all people who have helped you out or maintaining an achievement log.

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2. Practice Mindfulness

Over-thinkers often struggle with being able to live in the present. We are so engrossed by our past failures that the present moment does not get the attention and love it deserves. Lao Tzu quoted “if you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, and if you are at peace you are living in the present.” So how can we live in peace at the present moment?You can practice mindfulness, a form of meditation which helps you focus on the present moment. As negative thoughts and worries come in,acknowledge them and let them go thereby clearing your space.

Stop Overthinking and Find Peace

3.Get Physically Fit and Get Busy

Physical activity, whether power walking, playing with a pet or children, doing yoga, playing any sport of your choice, swimming, or running. These kind of activities will engross you both mentally and physically.Also will be concentrating entirely on these which will help in pulling you out of obsessive thinking patterns and get you into a state of flow.

In addition to physical exercises,activities also stimulate the brain, thereby redirecting the obsessive thought patterns. You can keep yourself engrossed by playing cards, learning a foreign language, learn a new hobby, paint or take up crafting.

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Over thinkers believe that meditation is quiet impossible, but you can master it with practice.
Meditation changes the mind structure.Hence, with daily meditation, overthinking will gradually become less of a problem.Initially,it is important to practice meditation while you are not in a overthinking mode. Meditating for the first time while in the middle of overthinking will be of no help,instead frustrate you. Spare some time and focus on meditation.If negative thoughts emerge while you meditate, banish them. Focus on positive thoughts.



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