5 Successful Home Remedies to Quit Smoking


For a smoker, ‘I Quit’ is a big step to take. For them, its a battle, with both the body and mind. Majority of the people fail in their attempt to fight this addiction on their own.Studies claim that only 4-7% smokers have been able to quit smoking successfully on their own. If you are a smoker, the best bet for you can be to have a structured plan,combine it with therapy and regular exercise to control cravings.

Here are 5 Proven Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking.

natural ways to quit smoking

1.Find out the triggers that are associated with smoking

You might have a host of normal activities that triggers smoking. For e.g,smoking when you are having your morning tea or coffee,evening snacks, post dinner, before going to bed etc. These routine smoking hours are the triggers which will set the craving to light up a cigarette.You got to delink these hours from smoking.So before you start your attempt of quitting, make an effort and try not to smoke in these mandatory hours.


Nicotine permeates your body as a toxic component, and hence is addictive and very hard to get rid of. It is very hard to get nicotine off your system. Water is a natural detoxifies and cleanses your system in the best possible way. Water also prevents tobacco and nicotine from causing any further damage to your system. Water can help in detoxifying and healing the body. It speeds up the process of fighting addiction much more.

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If you are an avid smoker trying to quit smoking, its very likely to feel nauseous. It is very common to experience nausea when smokers try quitting. You can opt for ginger, either in form of capsules or as a tea. Ginger helps in calming your stomach and overcoming nausea.


4.Grape Juice

The best way to get rid addiction is by getting toxins out of your body. Nicotine is a toxin, once out can help in reduction of cravings. Regular intake of grape juice can fight smoking addiction effectively. The acids present in grape juice are natural detoxifiers that can rejuvenate your system and purge it out of toxins.

natural ways to quit smoking

5. Practice Yoga

Various researchers claimed that yoga and cardio workouts can help reduce nicotine cravings.You can go for a morning walk or run in fresh air to shake your body off smoking addiction. Yogasanas are quiet relaxing and beneficial for the body and mind.Some of the yogasanas you can perform at home are:

-Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
-Shishuasana (child pose)
-Setubandhasana (bridge pose)
-Pranayama(Deep Breathing)

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