Take A Break, Just One Life – Live It !

Hello Everyone, been a long long time since you saw me around.As you all know, I write blogs, plenty of them on food, health, fitness, life tips and so on.But…the last blog I wrote was on May 11th, 2018 after which I had taken a break. A long break, almost 5 months. Phew! I channelized my time and did a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do because of tight schedules. I literally stopped doing everything that I did daily like morning walks, workouts, cycling and even writing.

Now the question is what did I do then?

Okay, so I went on a solo vacation, hogged on all kind of junk foods, watched a heap load of movies,binge ate and spent quality time with myself. Also, I had to bear a lot of responsibilities in my life during the last few months. I took a lot of my mom’s load on my back and tried being as responsible as possible, met old friends, relatives and cousins. Infact, I actually wanted to take time out for everyone who mattered. And trust me you can take out time for yourself and not feel guilty.

Taking a break need not necessarily be months, it might be a few weeks or a few days or even a few hours. But there are times when you’re too weak due to work stress and you need a break. Don’t screw yourself over.You cannot keep grinding always and that’s absolutely fine.How do know that it’s time for a break?

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4 Signs To Prove That It’s Time for a Break.

4 Signs That Prove It's Time To Break

1.Your Loved Ones are Lonely and Seeking Attention

This goes for everyone you love and care for, maybe your parents, spouse or children. You need to make a call as to how much time you need to spend with your loved ones. It gets super hard to maintain relationships with our loved ones owing to increasingly busy schedule, which is something uncalled for. For me, I have a special kind of bond with my mother so I try and see that our relation is well maintained and she doesn’t feel lonely or left out. Incase your parents,spouse or children feel left out and alone, you must ensure that the bond is maintained. Try and explain to them what’s going on and what is keeping you so busy, involve and engage them in your daily activities such that they don’t feel left out. The best way is to take a break and spend some quality time with them, go on a vacation, enjoy a peaceful evening and you will find how energized and refreshed you are in no time.

2.Your Health is Suffering

There are times when your health is suffering to the point that you’re facing frequent health issues. Even if your health issues are minor, it’s time you consider taking a break.You must have been working too hard for a long period of time with hardly any time to pay attention to your mind and body and this is your body’s way of seeking attention. When I was going through super stressful times, I had regular cold and flu, minor stomach issues, sleeplessness etc, that’s when I realized its time to recover.Also, please don’t take stress pills and start working again. Do remember the Jim Rohn quote: “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live!

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Take A Break When Stressed

3.Break When You Start Regretting

We tend to spend so much time on work that we cannot spend time on other things that we are supposed to be doing, which leads to regrets, its time you take a break. So there might be a lot of things which you planned to do and never executed, like a long awaited family vacation or an YouTube Channel/Instagram Page, starting a food truck or maybe simply trying your hand at writing. Take action before it gets too late. Life is short and we must utilize it to the fullest.Let’s not waste it on regretting over something. There’s no harm in trying and failing, at least you know that you gave you best no matter the results.

4.Break When You Stop Hitting Your Goals

There are times in your career when you keep working and working, but fail to reach your goal. The reason for this slack is constant stress which takes a toll on your productivity. Failure to achieve your goals do have a negative impact on your mind and body. Take a break and take it slow.Give yourself time, relax, get a massage and spend time loafing around, carefree. You get back the zeal and energy the moment your mind freshens up.Try out the things love doing during your break time, like painting. Who knows, it might help you get rid of your stress completely helping you focus much more.

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So, I would like to wind this up by saying one last thing, listen to your heart, your mind and your body, everything else will automatically fall in place.

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