Tan Removal Using Two Simple Natural Ingredients!


Exposure to harmful UV Rays can cause an array of skin problems starting from tanning to sun burn and premature ageing. We spend a whole lot of money on cosmetic products which are not always beneficial.Here, I will share with you a simple way of tan removal and also sunburn using simple kitchen ingredients all naturally.

The simple Kitchen ingredients that I am talking about are Tomato and Lemon Juice.We all have been using Tomato as an essential food item everyday, but many of us are unaware of how beneficial it is for the skin specially in tan removal and sun burns.Tomato contains a pigment called “carotene lycopene”, which is an amazing antioxidant which helps in tan removal, cures sun burns and helps skin look more youthful, soft and supple.



Take one whole tomato(you can use more if a larger portion of your skin is affected). Now use a blender to form a creamy puree of tomato.Add the juice of half a lemon to it and mix both the ingredients well.If you have dry skin,you can replace lemon juice for rose water.Again that is optional, you can use tomato puree all by itself as well and get equal benefits.Scrub the mixture well before washing it off.
Now apply the mixture well to the affected areas and leave on your skin for 30 minutes.In case, it dries out faster you can wash it off with cold, normal or lukewarm water,whichever is available.
It will give the tanned and burned areas a cooling effect.It does not require much effort and you can see results in 5-10 days,if used regularly.

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If you do not have a blender at home,you can always slice the tomato and apply it directly on your skin for tan removal.The only demerit of this process is that, the application might be uneven and take a longer period of time.

Tomato juice or paste can also be used on your hair as it works excellently to retain the natural color of your hair also making it soft and strong.

Try out the tan removal process as mentioned here and let me know about its effectiveness!

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