How to Build and Sustain Extraordinary Relationships.

We all have relatives, friends,colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances. But for many of us, these relationships are not fulfilling, maybe because they lack real strength. In today’s world, we tend to have more of superficial relationships with faint satisfaction. Every relationship matter, even if you smile and say hello to the corporation guy on your way to work, you have formed a relationship.The more relationships you form, the better, since you never know when the relationship will payoff.Here’s what you can do to build relationships:

1. Meet More People

If you are a person who don’t know a lot of people or hardly meet people around the year, then start doing it. It’s not that you often get an opportunity to meet people who are a good match with you in terms of personality, interests and values.You will be able to develop stronger relationships with people with similar wavelengths.
So, if you meet a lot of new people and expand your social circle, chances are higher for you to  become good friends, partners, etc.

2. Inculcate Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness, is your capability to be relied upon .You need to have a perfect alignment between your words and actions.When you are able to keep up to your words and do as you said,you have integrity.This is when people can take your opinion and trust you to keep your promises.Trust is a major pillar to build a strong relationship, both in your personal and professional life. So, even if it is challenging, always try to maintain your integrity.Also,always try to do what you promised.If you find it really hard to stick to what you promised,think twice before promising.

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Strong relationship

3. Support Others

Another major pillar for strong relationship is support.Relationships grow sturdy with support, whether a few kind words or several massive actions.Your time and energy being limited, you can’t be there for everybody, all the time. But you can always identify important people in your life and extend your support to them.
Your support will comfort them emotionally which can make a lot of diffrence. With strong relationships you will feel more fulfilled and connected to the entire world, and an entire world of opportunities will open up in front of you.

4.Take Responsibility.

Building deep relationships means realizing your role in each and every relationships and acting accordingly. Are you nice to your colleagues? Do you tell your near ones you love them? Are you rude to the waiter when you go out to eat?All of these make up your role in a relationships. Take responsibility for them and make an effort to be more supportive and encouraging, with everyone.

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