The Ultimate Home Remedy to Baldness-Try Now!

Guess what has emerged as the latest cure to baldness? Surprisingly, its your daily beverage, coffee. Sadly for coffee lovers, it’s not by consuming the brew as a drink you can save your receding locks.You’ve got to massage the stuff well into your head. After extensive research, scientists found out that hair requires a lot of energy during regrowth phase and caffeine delivers the required amount of energy.

A recent research article published in the British Journal of Dermatology, has provided evidence for caffeine as an excellent treatment for baldness.Here is a simple recipe to prepare an oil out of coffee to cure baldness or alopecia.

How to Prepare Coffee Oil 

Ultimate Home Remedy to Baldness-Caffeine


-1 cup of dark roast coffee

-Half cup of Jojoba Oil(Preferably old pressed)

-Half cup of Olive Oil

-1 Cup of  Coconut oil(preferably organic)


Take all the ingredients in a small pot and heat at a low heat for about 2 hours.Keep stirring every 20 minutes to prevent settling.You can heat it for up to 8 hours, but 2 hours is the minimum time you need to spend on it.Remember, the more you heat the better.The color of the oil will get super dark and you’ll be able to smell the coffee.Once the mixture cools down, use a cheesecloth to drain the coffee oil.You can also add essential oils like rosemary, lavender and peppermint for a  more potential growth stimulating mix.Now, store it in a glass container.

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Use the oil every night and rinse it out every morning.

One extremely easy way to add coffee in your hair routine, is to add liquid caffeine into your favorite shampoo.You can also find a lot of caffeinated shampoos online or in physical stores. Ensure to leave them in your hair for a  few minutes for the caffeine to be absorbed into the scalp.So, try out this easy remedy for baldness and save your receding locks.

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